Audio Transcription Services – Frequently Asked Questions

Audio Transcription Services – Frequently Asked Questions2018-05-11T13:08:32+01:00

Our audio transcription service is very easy to use.  Below are answers to some of the most asked questions.  If you don’t find the answer to your question below, please contact us using the form at the end of the page.

Do your rates include VAT?2018-01-12T17:45:13+00:00

Our rates don’t include VAT because we are not VAT registered, therefore the price you see is the price you pay.

When do I pay?2017-12-03T14:49:04+00:00

We will send you your invoice on delivery of your file and payment is due within 14 days of the invoice date.  For larger ongoing projects we will invoice on a monthly basis.  Payment via BACS is preferred.

Is there a minimum charge?2017-12-03T14:44:12+00:00

There is no minimum charge, we bill per audio minute completed so you only ever pay for the work done – not the time taken to complete it.  On your invoice each audio file is rounded up to the nearest minute.

What if my audio files are of really poor quality?2017-12-03T14:41:13+00:00

We make every effort to produce the best quality transcripts, but if the audio is poor quality then the finished file may not be as accurate as a result.  Poor quality files take a lot longer to complete, and because of this there is a surcharge for these types of files – this is something that is agreed with you before starting the work.

What happens if you can’t make out the speech?2017-12-03T14:36:49+00:00

In parts where a word is inaudible, we will mark the document with a line and timestamp, in this format: ___ [00:01:15]. This will enable you to refer back to the original audio and the time stated and find the missing information if required.  However we make every effort to complete the file as much as possible.

What is your style of transcription?2017-12-03T14:29:00+00:00

We offer three different types of transcription.  The most common format is intelligent verbatim,  – taking out erms and ah’s, coughing etc. which gives you a clean version of the narrative.

We also offer verbatim and time stamped.  These are often used for legal interviews or situations where the non verbal utterances can give the reader an indication of the emotional state and any subtext behind the spoken word.

We use our own basic template for the finished documents, however we are happy to accept your own templates if required.

How will I receive my transcriptions?2017-12-03T14:24:18+00:00

Unless otherwise agreed, all files are sent via email in a Microsoft Word document format.  We have more secure methods of transfer if you require – we use We Transfer as our standard method of secure transfers.  This service is also suggested as a method to send us your audio files.

Who are your transcribers?2017-12-03T14:19:27+00:00

Our transcribers are all based in the UK with English as their native language.  They are all professionals with varied experience in industries such as legal, banking and finance and IT.  All transcribers have a minimum typing speed of 70wpm and will have signed a non-disclosure agreement before commencing work with us.

How long does it take to transcribe an hour of audio?2017-12-03T14:16:24+00:00

As a general rule, a really good transcriber will be able to transcribe a good quality audio file in about four hours.  If the file is of a poor quality, it will take longer to transcribe and will not be as accurate.  We have a surcharge for poor quality files and this is discussed with you before accepting your order.

What audio formats do you accept?2017-12-03T14:13:55+00:00

The types of audio files we can work with are varied.  We use Express Scribe Professional for our work.  The list of acceptable file formats can be found here.

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