Terms & Conditions

Making sure we’re all on the same page.


  • The Transcription Service will provide the services in the time and at the fee agreed in advance with the Client.
  • The price agreed is based on a good quality recording as the quality of the transcript is subject to the audio/video file being clear and a high quality recording. The Transcription Service will not be able to provide an accurate transcript if the recording is of poor quality or unclear. Extra charges will apply for poor quality recordings and the resulting transcription may not be accurate.
  • In the event that The Transcription Service believes that additional time will be required to complete the order due to poor audio/digital quality, we will notify the Client as soon as reasonably possible in order to agree a new fee and timeframe.


  • Transcripts, by default, are delivered via unencrypted email attachment in Microsoft Word .doc format, unless specifically requested otherwise. Additional security methods are readily available, but must be specifically requested.
  • We endeavour to deliver transcripts by 5.00pm on the agreed deadline date. Deadlines are estimates and are subject to revision. We accept no liability for loss or damage arising from delays in delivery of transcripts or delays in the return of physical media.
  • All quotes and deadlines refer to working days, Monday to Friday.  (For example a standard two day order placed at 11.00am on Thursday will be due by 5.00pm Monday.)
  • Turnaround times are subject to availability and must be agreed with The Transcription Service by email in advance to any work being commenced.


  • All items sent by post will be returned by the same method. Clients will pay for the return postage at the standard Royal Mail fee. The Transcription Service accepts no responsibility for items lost or damaged in the post.

Refund, Replacement and Cancellation Terms

  • No refunds are available after commencement of work, except at the discretion of The Transcription Service.
  • If the client is not satisfied with the first draft of a transcript, they should notify The Transcription Service within 24 hours of initial receipt.  We will make all reasonable effort to revise the document at no extra charge.
  • Replacement copies of transcripts are available for a period of 3 months.
  • Digital copies of audio are available for a period of 1 month.


  • Invoices are issued on completion and with delivery of order, payable by bank transfer within 14 days of the transcript delivery date.
  • We are not currently VAT registered, therefore all quotes and prices are VAT free and there is no VAT to pay on any invoices.
  • Any overdue payments will accrue interest at a rate of 4% over Bank of England rate per day on the outstanding balance from the date of the invoice until full payment is received.


  • The nature of the work performed and any information transmitted to The Transcription Service by the Client shall be confidential. We shall not without the prior consent of client, divulge or otherwise disclose such information to any person other than authorised employees or authorised subcontractors of The Transcription Service whose job performance requires such acts.


  • Other than the death or injury to any person resulting from our negligence, The Transcription Service shall not be liable to the Client or any third party in any circumstances whatsoever for any consequential loss or damage of any kind (including loss of profit) and the Client shall indemnify The Transcription Service against all claims and demands for any such consequential loss or damage.
  • The Transcription Service assumes no liability for loss or damage arising from errors and inaccuracies in transcripts. It is the responsibility of the client to check accuracy.
  • The client shall indemnify The Transcription Service in respect of any loss, damages, costs (including reasonable legal fees), expenses or any other claims suffered by The Transcription Service Services and arising out of any libellous or illegal matter contained in any material printed or produced for the client.
  • The Transcription Service assumes no liability for loss or damages to physical media supplied to us by post, and cannot guarantee safe return of goods.

 Change in terms

  • The Transcription Service reserves the right to increase rates or vary the terms of service at any time as deemed necessary providing that The Transcription Service has given at least 14 days notice to the Client prior to implementing such changes.

Complaints Procedure

  • Any complaint must be received in writing via email to shelley@thetranscriptionservice.co.uk within twenty four hours of receipt of files. The Transcription Service will then have seven days in which to rectify any issues free of charge. Any complaints or rectification work required received after this time will be charged at our standard hourly rate.


  • The Client may terminate this agreement at any time providing that all monies outstanding are paid in full.

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