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Types of audio transcription

Depending on how you plan to use or interpret the written transcript of your recording, you might choose a different type of transcription service. Each of the following options offers different advantages.


Most business owners are aware of the concept of outsourcing, with the majority having utilized the services of an outsourcing company at some point during the life of that business.  For many small business owners, outsourcing certain processes is a necessity due to the fact that they can’t cover every requirement in their staff skillset.  A classic example of this is payroll, accounting and VAT returns.

Outsourcing is also an ideal solution to workflow peaks and troughs.  During very busy periods, work can be offloaded to an outsourced service to ensure timely delivery.  This is the perfect solution to fulfilling busy periods without having to employ additional staff, who may then not be working to full capacity during slower periods.

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