Academic Transcription

We provide academic transcription to students, professors and researchers to support the documentation of seminars, lectures, interviews and focus groups.


If you’re not experienced in academic transcription, transcribing your own audio files can be extremely time-consuming, laborious and frustrating.  In terms of time, you can expect to set aside anything from four to twelve hours to transcribe a one-hour audio file, depending on how adept you are at typing, and whether you have the right equipment for listening to your audio and typing at the same time.

This is time that anyone in an academic environment can’t afford to waste, and shouldn’t need to. Whether you are a student revising the content of your lectures, or an academic compiling your research into a detailed report, there’s no reason to risk missing deadlines by spending hours transferring your recordings into another format.

Getting your recordings transcribed by a professional allows you to spend that time far more effectively.  Already having a written record to hand makes reviewing your recording much easier, so you can quickly refer back to key points and focus on the content itself.

However, time isn’t the only thing you stand to gain by using a professional service. Transcribing your own recordings, particularly when you feel under pressure, will inevitably lead to mistakes. Without training, interpreting what is being said word-for-word is surprisingly difficult, especially when it comes to group seminars and discussions. This becomes even more challenging when complex academic terminology is used throughout.

We will work with you to ensure this is provided in the correct format for your requirements, and within your specified time frame, to ensure you meet your deadlines.

A high-quality transcription service like ours provides you with a much higher degree of accuracy and detail, which is invaluable when it comes to interpreting what’s being said correctly. Our transcribers are experienced in a variety of academic fields and trained to an advanced level, so you can be as confident in their work as we are.


  • Save precious study time

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  • Professional transcripts of your work

  • Make it accessible to everyone

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